The Kind of Girl Guys Regret Losing: How to Be a Catch and Keep Him Hooked

The Kind of Girl Guys Regret Losing
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The Kind of Girl Guys Regret Losing

You know that girl who has every guy wrapped around her little finger? She’s the one everyone wants to be friends with, and she’s got a new boyfriend every month, yet she never loses any of them because they’re all crazy about her? She’s The Kind of Girl Guys Regret Losing—and you can be her.

The Kind of Girl Guys Regret Losing
The Kind of Girl Guys Regret Losing


Don’t Lose Yourself

The kind of girl guys regret losing is the kind who keeps him on his toes. She has her own interests, hobbies, and passions that she loves to indulge in but she also knows when it’s time to put on her party dress and go out with her guy. She can be sassy or sweet depending on the situation, but always remains true to herself. If you want your guy to fall in love with you all over again, show him what he’s missing by not having you around.

Whatever it is you want to do, follow your heart. If it’s something you enjoy, there’s no doubt that you’ll bring your A game because you love it. And if he loves spending time with you as much as he says he does, then he’ll be happy for you even when your priorities pull you away from him every once in awhile. He might even join in!

Don’t Let Yourself Go – The Kind of Girl Guys Regret Losing

Too often, we let ourselves go. We don’t think twice about those extra pounds we’ve put on, or the new wrinkles that have appeared in our skin. The problem with this is that all these things can make us less attractive to the men who might date us. The kind of girl guys regret losing is someone who takes care of themselves – inside and out.

Have you noticed that people tend to date others who are their own age? While some men may be okay with dating older or younger women, most prefer their dates to be near their age. If you don’t want to feel like an older woman during your dates, it’s time for you do something about it. Stop letting yourself go!

Get Educated

  1. Get in shape- Nothing will make you feel better about yourself than looking good! Exercise is your best friend.
  2. Join a club or community- It’s hard to meet people when we’re always online, so get out there!
  3. Don’t give up on love- It’s not easy, but the payoff is worth it.
  4. Put yourself out there- You never know what could happen!
  5. Find a guy with his life together- Not just with money, but who takes care of himself mentally, physically and spiritually.
  6. Find someone who wants to be with you for more than just your looks- Someone who sees how amazing you are as a person and understands why he’s lucky to have found someone like you.
  7. Find someone that doesn’t make you work so hard– We deserve an equal partner that appreciates us for who we are!

Find Ways to Grow Together

When you’re with the right person, you’ll want to grow together. You both have things in your life that you want to change or improve, and if there’s something that they need help with, you’ll be there for them. Together, it will feel like you can do anything.

Take it one step at a time. If he’s not ready for long-term commitment now, don’t push him into it.

Talk about your future, but don’t make it an ultimatum. Let him know how you’re feeling without being pushy. If he says something that shows he’s not interested in talking about it right now, drop it for now, and revisit later. As long as you don’t keep bringing it up over and over again when he clearly doesn’t want to talk about it, you’ll be fine.

Have an Open Mind – The Kind of Girl Guys Regret Losing

Open your mind to new possibilities. Don’t be afraid to take risks, especially when it comes to dating. Accept that some guys might not be right for you, but there are plenty who will be. You’ll never know if you don’t try!

Sure, some guys will be flaky or play games, but not every guy out there is looking for just a hookup. Just because you’ve had bad experiences in the past doesn’t mean that all men are like that. If you give up on dating without giving it another chance you’ll never know what could have been.

Give Him Space, But Not Too Much Space

Let him miss you. Don’t text him constantly, don’t tell him how much you miss him, don’t spend every waking moment thinking about him. Give him space to miss you, but not too much space so he can start getting used to the idea that he’ll never have you again.

If you find that you’re doing too much, back off. Spend time with your friends, but don’t pretend like he doesn’t exist. Take time for yourself. The more space you give him, as long as it’s not too much, will be rewarding in itself because he won’t expect your next move.

Be Yourself at All Costs

If you want to be the kind of girl guys regret losing, there are two things you should always do. First, be yourself at all costs. Don’t try to make yourself into someone you’re not just because some guy likes the way that person is. You’ll just end up miserable with him, or worse – married! Second, don’t take their attention for granted. You might think that because he’s been acting like your boyfriend for a few months now, he’ll never leave.

That’s not always true! You see, guys like variety in their relationships. They want different girls who can fulfil different needs. If you make him your one-and-only now, he won’t be satisfied with that forever – and that means he’ll look elsewhere when he gets bored.

Conclusion – The Kind of Girl Guys Regret Losing

Now that you know what kind of girl guys regret losing, use these tips to see if he’s really the guy for you. Get off the side-lines and get back in the game!

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