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I’m Olivia, working as a dating and relationship consultant on the Dating Guide Online. I use this platform to express my thoughts that might help individuals to be successful on their relationship front.

Olivia - Online Dating Guide Consultant


Why Dating Guide Online???

Most of my friends and colleagues were in relationships during college days, but almost 70% of them were struggling after years. They couldn’t understand what went wrong in their approach. After the breakup in their relationships, they had no words to express their trauma they were undergoing. This resulted in less productivity in their work. I used to talk with them for hours, and understood their problems. Used to give them positivity and they felt better.

Why choose this as a career?

So on a random day, I decided why not take this as a full time career? Helping individuals to overcome depression gave me happiness which no other career can.

After that I took relationship consultant courses for 2 years and started practicing. Now it’s been 5 years since I’m helping individuals to have a relationship that never loses its enthusiasm.